Paint and Room Perception

When you first walk into a room, there are things that you naturally notice first – the color, the size,
interesting furniture, maybe an impressive big screen TV. However, whether you are aware of it or
not, the color of paint can really change your perception of the whole room. There are so many
different factors to take into consideration when choosing a paint color, and your local experienced
painting company is here to help guide your project. As your local painting contractor, JMA Painters
are passionate about colors and craftsmanship. Below are some tips and tricks we’ve learned over
the years to make your preferred color selection work for your home or office.

Inspiring Specific Moods with Color Psychology
It probably doesn’t surprise you that you can use various colors of paint to make an impact on your
mood. Before you pick the desired color of your room, you will want to take a step back and consider
the purpose. Is this a room where you will want yourself and others to be able to relax? If so, look at
choosing a lighter color. Or do you want it to be a creative space? For that vibe, you may choose
purple or red. For further color psychology research, check out this article on Art Therapy Blog.

Make Your Room Look Bigger
One of the great things about paint and color is the ability to create an illusion. You can use this to
your advantage if you are hoping to make your room look bigger then it actually is. Turn to lighter
colors to make this optical illusion, and consider painting with a semi-white gloss. This will allow
natural light to bounce off the walls, and has the tendency to make your ceilings look even higher.
One of the reasons you will see common areas painted in white or similar light colors is to create
this effect.

Shrink Your Room
In the same vein, you can also use your paint color to make your room appear smaller. Why would
someone want to purposefully shrink a room? Imagine you have a home with an extra sitting room
that is a little too spacious. You may not have enough furniture and decor to fill it, and therefore you
wish to avoid that room looking big and empty. This is a reason to make it shrink! One way to make
this effect happen is to paint darker walls to match dark furniture. This will give the illusion that the
walls are closer to the furniture than they really are. Another technique to shrinking a room is
painting your ceiling darker, and leaving the walls lighter. This will make your ceiling look not as high.

Other Techniques to Control Perception
If your room feels too wide, and you wish it would look more narrow, then you would paint the walls a
darker color, and leave your ceiling white or another equally light color. Perhaps you have a shorter
room, and you want to make it look longer–keep three walls white, and paint the back wall (as an
accent wall) and ceiling the same dark color. This will help you achieve your desired effect. If you are
not comfortable with trying one of these effects yourself, of course JMA Painters is always happy to
step in and get the job done for you.

Painting Perception at JMA Painters
We know colors at JMA and are proud to be your local painting company in Lafayette and
surrounding areas. Let us join your project to create amazing spaces that directly motivate great
inspiring moods of all its visitors. Our contractors are highly skilled and experienced, and will work
with you to make your vision come to life. Contact our team for a free consultation and we’ll take the
next steps to get you started.

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