Unveiling Timeless Beauty with Historic Restoration Painting

JMA painting services include far more than just basic paint jobs. Historic restoration is one of our favorite painting services. Historic buildings are structures that are deemed significant because they are linked to an important part of the past; they hold some sort of “historic value”. These historic buildings provide a glimpse of the communities’ past and their restorations or preservation gives them an opportunity to serve a new purpose while upholding their historic value.

Historic Restoration

Historic restoration is the process of restoring a building, or bringing it back to its original state that depicts a particular period of time in its history. The goal is to maintain as much of the original building parts and materials as possible while removing anything that postdates the intended time period.

Historic Preservation

Historic preservation focuses on maintaining or repairing existing historic materials for a building that has evolved over time. The goal is to keep as much of the building in its original state, and only updating when it is essential to prevent destruction or deterioration of the building.

What are the benefits of Historic Restoration & Preservation?

Historic buildings hold a high intrinsic value. Buildings today are not built anything like they used to be. Historic buildings were typically made with higher quality materials and under much different building standards. One of the benefits of historic building restoration is holding the value of the building, which ultimately benefits the community it is in.

Some other benefits include:

  • Adaptive Reuse – Restoring a building allows it to be used for another purpose than what it was originally intended. Their stronger materials and better standards often can increase business.
  • Holding cultural significance – Historic buildings are a part of a culture’s identity. Preserving a historic building not only preserves the building but it also preserves a piece of history.
  • Loss of opportunity – When you demolish a building, you can’t exactly undo it! You may not have a proper measurement of how significant that building is to history and could potentially be destroying materials that are no longer available.

At JMA Painters, we understand that it is important to retain as much of the original building as possible and respect it’s character when updating. Our skilled and experienced team works around historic makeup and materials to avoid any disturbance to the overall building’s historic value.

When replacements are necessary, we utilize colors, textures, and materials that match the original as closely as possible, if not completely. While we utilize modern techniques with all our painting services, they are concealed and maintain the highest level of authenticity when replicating historic materials and techniques.

We have several options for both restoring and preserving historic buildings that will conserve and protect buildings from the elements of wear over time. Contact us today to discuss your historic project!

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