Expert Parking Lot Striping Solutions to Revitalize Spaces

Parking lot maintenance is an essential, yet often overlooked, part of your business. You may not realize how important parking lot striping is until you enter a parking lot without any! Parking lot striping, or traffic markings, guide traffic and mark off designated areas for vehicles to park. Effective parking lot striping consists of bright line striping for parking spots, arrows or traffic flow indicators for entrances and exits, clearly marked fire lanes, dedicated handicapped parking spaces & more.

Your storefront and your parking lot create an opportunity for you to leave a lasting first impression on customers. A clean parking lot with bright, freshly painted markings is not only hard to miss but does wonders for curb appeal. Some other benefits of parking lot striping are:


Safety for both drivers passing through your parking lot and pedestrians is a priority for any business owner or manager. Stripped parking lots will minimize the chance of accidents and will properly direct the flow of traffic. Your goal should be to safely guide people, both in and out of their vehicles, through your parking lot. If an accident does happen, parking lot striping that is difficult to see could make you liable. It’s best to avoid this completely by staying on top of your parking lot maintenance.

Utilizing Space

When planning the floor plan of your business, you think about how to efficiently utilize each square foot. The same should be true of your parking lot! Parking lot striping helps you increase the capacity of your space. The lack of parking lot striping or even poor traffic markings will lead to people parking wherever they can, which will end in a jumbled and hazardous mess. Maximize the number of vehicles that can fit on your lot while minimizing wasted space with proper parking lot striping.


The Americans with Disabilities Act requires you by law to have designated handicapped spaces marked off at your place of business. Striping your lot will help handicapped visitors navigate through your parking lot and will ensure that all customers can easily access your business while maintaining compliance with the law.

JMA Painters provides neat and efficient parking lot striping with paint guaranteed to last on any asphalt or concrete surface. Whether you just need a touch-up or new lines altogether, contact JMA today!

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