Expert Commercial Painting Services: Stains & Transparent Finishes

Searching for “Interior painters near me”? JMA is your local full-service painter. Natural wood surfaces are quickly becoming a popular way to enhance the appearance of a room. JMA’s skilled team is experienced in both interior and exterior jobs. Stains and finishes not only enhance the overall appearance of your already beautiful wooden features, but it also protects your wood surfaces from wear and tear, ensuring it will last as long as possible.


Wood stain is a type of paint that binds with the natural grain of the wood by soaking pigment into the wood fibers. Wood staining helps to increase the durability of structure and can add years to the physical life of the business or home. The colors and options are limitless and can seem overwhelming. JMA’s team can assist you in choosing the right option for your facility and will minimize any disruption to your home or working environment. We have extensive experience in all sizes of residential and commercial projects and use the newest technologies for quick and quality service.

Transparent Finishes

Transparent finishes are clear coats that enhance the natural color of the wood while providing a protective coat to the surface. If your home or business has wood floors, walls, trim or other features that you are wanting to spotlight, a transparent finish provides a beautiful natural look. Transparent finishes also protect from weather and moisture, provide UV protection, are easy to maintain and do not get too slippery.

JMA, your local exterior and interior painter near you, uses the best commercial-grade paint technologies for both interior and exterior stain and transparent finishes. Contact us today with any questions or  for your free quote!

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