With commercial painting, it’s important to know the difference between high-performance and intumescent coatings, especially if you are quoting a specific job or if you require some type of commercial painting done for your business. You’ll usually have the option to get either type of coating available for your job but the two can vary greatly in their composition as well as the price that some contractors may charge. Here are the differences between high-performance and intumescent coatings.

High-performance Coating: high-performance coating is essentially extremely high-performance and long-lasting paint and coatings that you can use in the commercial sector. You will find this high-performance coating in factories, industrial settings, exterior’s and more. High-performance coatings are generally something that’s used when you need a coating that can stand up to weather, elements, wear and tear as well as years of use and abuse. High-performance coatings can come in specific enamels, acrylics and even nonstick anti-graffiti coatings as well. These high-performance coatings are easy to clean, extremely resilient and they will reduce the amount that you need to paint the surface as well as prepare it for industrial use. These high-performance coatings are especially useful in factories as they can work to repel dust and make sure that surfaces are easier to clean. If you are experiencing ongoing problems with graffiti you can also use high-performance coatings like these to create surfaces that simply can’t be painted. Instead regular spray paint will simply ripple off of the coating, making it very difficult to tag the outside of your building or any surface that the coating is put on.

Intumescent Coatings: have other special properties but resemble high performance coatings and are used in many of the same settings. Intermescent coatings can work to provide fire resistance to various materials that it’s applied to. You can use these types of coatings on commercial plastic, structural steel and serves more to fire proof a factory and ensure that there is less chance of a fire breaking out in an industrial or commercial setting. These types of coatings are usually used on buildings, aircraft, ships and offshore oil construction. If you work in an industry where a fire is a big possibility, then using these types of coatings can help to prevent fires from spreading and reduce the risk of losses for your business.

Understanding the difference between these coatings and asking more specifically for a coating that you require can help you get more out of any commercial coating job.

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