Accent Walls – Tips From Your Local Painting Company

A trend JMA Painters, your local painting company,  has noticed becoming more popular is the Accent wall. This trend has spread to both the residential and commercial painting sector and is likely a trend here to stay.  Accent walls became a “thing” in the early 2000’s and have continued to grow in popularity as businesses see their marketing potential and homeowners are willing to branch out with a little more “color risk” in their homes. Before you call up your local painting company or make your trip to the paint store for your DIY accent wall, read on for JMA’s recommended tips and tricks on accent walls. 

What is an Accent Wall? 

An accent wall is simply a single wall in a room or space that is different from the other walls around it. An accent wall can be a different color, pattern, texture, graphic (more common in commercial setting – discussed below), etc. As a local painting company, we typically see the accent wall request for one of a few reasons: to add a little flare of color/personality to the room, to highlight art or create a focal point in a room, marketing purposes, and to create the illusion of a larger space. Whether you are tackling the project yourself or hiring a painting company, there are some things you should know when picking your wall and your color/pattern/texture. 

Accent Wall Tips

Tip#1 Consider your purpose. 

To properly utilize the accent wall, you first must understand exactly what you are trying to accomplish. As mentioned above, the accent wall can serve many purposes. In the commercial setting, the accent wall often directs traffic towards registers OR where more profitable items are available. For example, when you walk into a Rasing Canes, you will notice the large dog and logo typically on the wall nearest to the register. This accent wall is meant to direct traffic by capturing your eyes and letting you know where to go. Restaurants will often utilize an accent wall behind the bar where they sell their post profitable items. In the residential setting, the accent wall may be to make a living room appear larger, or simply be a compromise between a couple that cannot agree on a color! Consider your “why” before picking your wall.

Tip#2 Which Wall?

When considering which wall should be your accent wall, simply ask yourself where in the room you want the focal point. Your accent wall will be an attention grabber immediately, so consider the architecture of the room and the overall layout. Let there be a reason for the wall you choose – consider why you want to draw attention to it. If you aren’t sure, consider these tips: 

-The right wall is usually the first one you see when you enter a room.
-Architectural elements such as built in fireplaces, bookshelves, etc are excellent accent wall options.
-Solid walls are recommended. Walls without the interruption of doors and windows are ideal.
-Don’t count out the ceiling! The ceiling can either be your accent wall or be combined with your accent wall. We have seen this concept work well in narrow hallways to expand the space visually.

Tip#3 Take the risk and be BOLD! 

Once you know where, the harder decision of what color is next.  If you are a business you may want to incorporate your logo or other graphics on the wall. The options are only limited to your imagination. Our tip is to be bold. The purpose of an accent wall is for it to stand out so do not be afraid to take a risk and use a bright or drastic color. While you do want to make sure your colors go well together, be willing to think outside the box and get creative – remember your wall doesn’t have to be a single color either! You don’t even have to use paint at all. Consider texture, wallpaper, or even natural wood instead of paint. 

Summary. If you have been on the edge with an accent wall, go for it! If you are hiring a painting company to do the job for you, ask for thoughts and ideas. Commercial and residential painters have likely seen it all and a good contractor will be an excellent resource on walking you through do’s and don’ts. If you have questions or are looking for a painting company, contact JMA Painters for your free estimate today.



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