Home Improvement Tips From Your Local Painting Contractor

The thought of home improvement projects can quickly spiral into lots of questions. Should I tackle it myself? Should I hire a local contractor? What room should I start in? How long will it take? The list goes on. JMA Painters, your local painting contractor, has put together a list of quick tips and tricks that will save you both time and money in your general home improvement adventure. Let’s dive in. 

Tip#1 – Know what adds value

This is debatably our most important tip. Home improvement projects are not just for your own personal enjoyment while you reside in your home. They are an investment, and when done properly, can pay off in the long run. Certain improvements done can add value to your home, allowing for greater profits when you sell, or for increasing equity you can pull on for your next project! Having an understanding of this can serve as a good guide when deciding exactly what home improvements you want to implement. We could dedicate an entire post to this one topic, so to keep it brief – do research on what home improvements increase the value of your home, and start there!

Tip#2 – Have A Vision

It is important to go into home improvement projects with a clear vision of what you want to accomplish. Going in without a plan is the number one cause of overspending. Plan out your budget and which elements are most important to you and create a vision of what you want your end result to look like. This will not only help you stay within your budget but will also help your contractors to meet your expectations

Tip#3 – Repair before you remodel

This tip is a big one in the local painting contractor world. Slapping paint on a wall with a crack between the wall and baseboard will not solve the problem – you need to first seal the gap. Placing new counters over outdated wiring could lead to you ripping out what you’ve done in the near future. Proper repair and maintenance is an essential part of the prepwork that may seem tedious but is absolutely necessary.

Tip#4 – Consider Paint

As a local painting contractor, we couldn’t leave this one off the list. A fresh paint job is sometimes all you need to completely change the look of your home – plus, it’s on the list of projects that adds value to your home. Home improvement projects stem from a few different things: #1 Selling of your home #2 Homeowners seeking a new look #3 Family expansion (needing more space) or #4 Major repair work needed in certain areas of the home. A fresh coat of paint will be necessary in every one of these categories at some stage of the project. Simple things like freshening up your trip or adding an accent wall could be all you need! 

Tip#5 – Create a budget

Create a budget, and stick to it! When building a new house, your contractor will give you allowances for certain items so you stay within your original bid. Having a plan and sticking to it is essential for any home improvement project. Get quotes on materials and labor for all elements needed at each stage of the project before getting started. This will help you get a realistic idea of how much your project will cost and will let you cut back where needed before the project gets started. 


Home improvement projects can be exciting and fun, or can be a nightmare. Having a budget  and a vision in place and understanding what does and does not add value to your home can make the home improvement process much smoother and affordable, and even rewarding in the long run financially. At some point in your home improvement journey, you are likely to need a local painting contractor. JMA Painters would love the opportunity to bid out your project. Contact us for your free estimate today. 

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