Keeping your property in tip-top shape is critical to project a good business vibe. Things like flaky paint, damaged ceilings, or stained floors can deter potential customers and cost you money. It may seem like a lot at first, but the returns you’ll see from keeping up with the appearance of your business will go a long way towards attracting new customers. How many times have you walked into a building, saw stained ceiling tiles, or chipped paint, and immediately wanted to turn around and leave. We’re guessing quite a few times. Well that feeling also applies to your customers. Being proactive in maintaining your property is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

Any time you have to hire some sort of contractor for renovation or upgrades, you want to make sure that whoever you use has insurance. Having uninsured contractors on your property can be a huge liability for any business owner. If the contractors are uninsured, and someone gets injured, you are liable for any medical bills incurred, because it happened on your property. Likewise, if there is any kind of accident that involves the actual property (walls getting damaged, carpets being ruined, etc.), and the contractor doesn’t have insurance – the cost of the damages falls to you.

Even though it seems like uninsured painters are cheaper – in the long run, they’ll cost you more money. You want to choose contractors that are willing to show you their insurance credentials, have good reviews, a well-established office, a complete online presence, and is someone you trust. If at any point – their actions or business practices make you uneasy, get rid of them. After all, you’re paying these people! Why waste your money on someone you’re uncertain of? There are some signs you can be on the lookout for when it comes to shady contractors. Things like:

  • No easily located address
  • They’re hard to get in touch with
  • Large down payments
  • No online presence
  • They don’t want to set a firm price
  • Are unwilling to let you see the contract

If you encounter any of these problems, either don’t hire, or fire the contractor. The cheaper rate is not worth the risks you are taking by hiring an uninsured company. JMA Painters is fully ensured and licensed. You can even find the license numbers on our website. That is the kind of transparency you’re looking for any time you hire someone.

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