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Hiring a professional, high quality painting company to take on your upcoming commercial painting project is a big commitment, and choosing the right company, with the right credentials, insurance and experience is crucial to a successful project.

Here’s a checklist of the top 4 credentials you should look into when deciding who to hire for commercial painting:

1. Certification

As a professional It should come as common knowledge to hire a certified and licensed professional Commercial Painting Company. With all the things that could go wrong, it just makes sense. A certified company will possess the skills to make your vision of what you want your commercial facility to look like, a reality. And hiring a professional company just guarantees that you don’t have some of the common mistakes that occur when a novice doing the job.

An easy way to check a company’s certification is by visiting their website. For example, the JMA Painter’s“about” page has all of our certification information listed, so that you can even double check our license number with the Louisiana State Licensing board for Contractors:

“JMA Painters holds its commercial license #56423 and residential license #553923 with the Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors. We also have our EPA license for LEAD Certifed work NAT-29408-1.”

2. Experience

A benefit to hiring a high quality professional paint company is that they will have the knowledge and the resources to make sure that the quality it top notch. They are able to stop runs, drippings, color inconsistencies, etc. Plus, most professional painters will know how to deal with a cosmetic issue, such as a hole in dry wall, dings, cracks, and repairing. And most will know how to deal with other difficult tasks with ease. Such as ceilings, door frames, and molding. The more experience your painters have, the more knowledge and tools they will have to deal with unexpected situations that could arise.

3. Insurance

Did you know that not all commercial painters carry proper insurance? This is a very important thing to check in advance. You want your painter to have liability insurance, which protects your property. They also need to have worker’s compensation insurance. If they don’t, and an employee is injured on your premises, you could be responsible for their medical bills as well as any property damage that could happen as a result.

You will also want to assess the max liability value of the insurance policy of the company that you hire. For example, We carry General Liability, Worker’s Comp, Umbrella Liability, and Automobile Liability in the $2 million aggregate.

4. References

Always check references before making your final decision to hire. Ask your commercial painter candidate to supply a list of recent project managers that hired them to do commercial painting work and give them a call to find out about their experience. You can also check Yelp, Google+ or Angie’s List for online reviews about that company.


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