How to Protect Your Warehouse from Water Damage

Elastomeric coatingsIs your warehouse experiencing water damage or mold and mildew infiltration? Have you found cracks in your façade that are appearing quite frequently as the weather changes? Your warehouse is destined to experience an accumulation of material after exposure to the elements and extreme temperature changes over time. Good news is you can slow down this process. How? JMA offers protection for warehouse through waterproofing.

Your warehouse needs protection. Whether your warehouse is a place you are storing your products, equipment, or where your work gets done its where you store your money, so to speak.  A waterproof coating is the answer. With the ability to stretch and retain its shape as well as expand and contract in extreme temperatures, an elastomeric coating is the top solution for waterproofing your building.

Waterproof coatings help to prevent water damage

Water based elastomeric coatings are often the go-to choice for exterior concrete/masonry wall applications. Elastomeric coatings are higher volume solids (45-60%) than conventional paints, and are applied in films that typically attain a dry film thickness in the range of 10-20 mils per coat (versus conventional paints with a DFT of 2-3 mils). Initially designed as a waterproofing solution for stucco, which is a relatively rough surface that tends to crack, elastomerics are also well suited for tilt-up or poured-in-place concrete and masonry wall surfaces (including CMUs) because they provide excellent waterproofing properties; can tolerate some substrate movement; and their stretchiness (150-400% or greater elongation without breaking throughout their service life) allows them to fill or bridge even moving hairline cracks.

Elastomeric coatings can be an attractive choice for specifiers or owners because of their durability; many manufacturers offer a 10-year warranty versus the typical two-year warranty for conventional coatings. So it’s not unusual to see elastomeric technology specified for applications where a high quality exterior latex coating may actually be equally suitable.

Elastomeric coatings restrict water from lingering on surfaces, a preventative measure toward mold and water damage as well as rotting foundation and structural damage. Believe it or not, this means that elastomeric paint can assist your HVAC system in preventing moisture buildup. Temperature changes due to excessive dampness can decrease in your structure as well.

Waterproof coatings have more elasticity and life span compared to typical paint. When the surface of your warehouse changes, whether it is due to temperature or movement, the elastomeric coatings are flexible enough to expand or contract with the surface rather than simply giving in and cracking. Waterproof coatings have the ability to withstand wind driven rain up to 100 mph. This extreme flexibility can also bond existing cracks in surfaces by moving with them. This is a good thing if you live in south Louisiana!

Expansion joints are the next thing to consider ensuring that no water penetrates into your industrial warehouse.  Vertical expansion joints are customary on concrete tilt up structures and you will typically get 10-25 years out of the joint, depending on the type of sealant caulk applied. When replacing the sealant, to guarantee that it will adhere to your substrate, our recommendation is to make sure that all existing sealant and backer rod is removed from the surface.

The existing sealant can be removed with electric caulk cutters and razor knives, and to ensure all contaminants are removed, wipe down all joint conditions. Where you see rust and where you experience places that sealant will not bond to, make sure to prime the surface. Install new open-cell backer rod with a protective waterproof skin in all joints as needed to control the width to depth ratio as per the manufacturer specification for the new sealant. Re-caulk all vertical expansion joints using a Polyurethane Sealant. This process will provide you with many more water-free years.

 Applying waterproof coating systems is a job best left to experienced professionals to ensure that the products are being used to their full potential.  JMA has the know how to get the job done and how to get the job done right. Painting the interior and exterior of your warehouse can be costly, but replacing your water damaged goods can be costly as well.  Don’t waste any time and call JMA painters today.


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