Cleaning your walls in order to preserve your paint job seems like an overwhelming task. But, it is really quite simple even if it is time consuming. Whether you are doing regular, weekly or yearly cleaning, the initial step in keeping your walls clean is to evaluate what kind of paint you use on your wall. Gloss enamel and semi gloss paints stand up paramount to washing. Satin, flat and eggshell latex type of paint might rub off or fade with abrasive cleaning.

In spite of any kind of paint, dusting on a frequent basis is a must. Prior to washing, clean the walls using the dust brush. Frequently this is an adequate wall cleaning.

To preserve your paint job, keep in that smudges and stains need a little elbow grease. Prior to diving in, check a small area using cleaning solution to make sure it doesn’t ruin the paint. Once your paint looks vivid and there no marks of water left after drying, then you can move on or go on with extra care. A sloppy try can make the process worse.  If you already knew from the very start that your wall is painted with eggshell latex and flat paint and the test does not go well, consider professional cleaning, through this way you are certain that it will preserve your paint job.

If no mark of water remains after drying as well as the paint holds well, it is time to select that cleaning solution is ideal for you. In order to preserve your paint job, always kick off with the mildest materials, sponge is highly suggested in this case. If needed, a mixture of mild detergent soap and warm water is advisable. If this method doesn’t work well, try using a homemade solution like mixing one cup of ammonia, one half cup of vinegar, one fourth cup of baking soda to one gallon of humid water. For cleaning marks and spots, try using  baking soda dissolved in water and then rub the stain gently, then rinse it using clean water.

You might need to lay newspaper, towels or any absorbent materials and put it underneath you in order to catch the drips.  It is also advisable to use gloves to prevent dirty water from dripping down to your arms. Start at the peak of your wall and down alternating between wet soapy sponge and clean sponge to rinse.  Rinsing with water is needed to make sure that grime and dirt will not cling to soapy deposits. Never skip this procedure.

Rub the wall in circular movements to prevent paint from damaging. Work in chunks and if you have done on that specific part, dry the section using a soft and clean cloth. This will leave your wall clean and preserve your paint job.

For a hard to remove dirt and stain, you can try a specialty product that is solvent free. This product is best for eliminating fingerprints and crayon making it a valuable product for cleaning walls and other related areas.

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