Overcoming the Challenges of Industrial Painting

Compared to a do-it-yourself painting job, an industrial painting job involves more preparation and more skill and often involves a more difficult surface and environment with more time constraints. A skilled industrial painter can take on these challenges and still produce a beautiful result. But how do these artists overcome these challenges? By laying careful and meticulous groundwork and possessing and putting forth skill and quality work, these industrial painting professionals can produce work that their customers can be proud of.

Industrial Painting Prep Work

The quality of the work of industrial painters largely depends on the quality of the surface and/or material that is being painted. Without adequate preparation of the surface, the durability of the paint job is hindered. The first step to prepping the surface would be to eliminate any external paint, rust, and/or other contaminants. In most cases, the paint will not stick on the surface if these are present, so getting rid of them via sanding, water blasting, or abrasive blasting (using pressurized air) is very important. The second step is to make sure that the surface does not need to be re-surfaced. If there are cracks, chips, or other damages, the paint will not go on smoothly. The third step in preparation is using the right primer for the environment. The primer Is put on before the paint color, but temperature, humidity, and chemicals present can negatively affect the primer and paint. There are specific primers for low and high temperatures, humid environments, and ones that will within stand the elements that should be considered when the initial walk-through of the painting area is done.

Weather Conditions

Speaking of priming for weather conditions, getting the environment right is very significant for the longevity of the project. Industrial painting jobs include painting a variety of surfaces made of an even larger variety of material. This material can vary in its ability to absorb heat and/or cold air and moisture. Generally, cold air will affect more industrial coatings than warm air, as they are mostly formulated to be applied in temperatures above 50 degrees. Cold weather can also impede the drying process of the coatings. On the contrary, hot air will dry the paints faster, but causes other problems such as bubbling or blistering during the drying process, and humidity which can cause longer drying times and warrants the need for special primers and paints. 

Business Hours

Unlike a D-I-Y project done in your free time, industrial painters must work around the hours of the business and the general business flow. They must confirm their work to times that work well with the company, whether that be working during “off-hours” or over the weekend. They may also be forced to work around busy areas for certain amounts of time and/or extend their timeframe to allow for business to occur simultaneously. With this in mind, industrial painters usually have a timeframe set forth by the business owner to complete the work, so working at the most productive times allowable is crucial for these projects. 

Physical Area

The spaces in which these painters work are sometimes unconventional. From a wall to a high-rise building, these painters must always evaluate their surroundings during their projects to avoid unsafe situations. In their case, they may not have easy access to exits, so establishing those prior to starting the project is vital to the team’s safety. Also, they might need to avoid hazardous situations such as being entrapped in a confined space with chemicals and other toxins. Having adequate air flow is not only important for the paint job but also for the painters. Lastly, they may encounter some physical hazards, such as potential falling debris, extreme temperatures, and others. It is important to evaluate and remove those as much as possible prior to the beginning of the project.

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