Paint is a great way to instantly raise your curb appeal and to protect and maintain wood fences. A well-painted, clean fence can improve your home’s value as a lot of potential buyers judge homes from the outside first and don’t pursue homes that don’t catch their attention. If you’re not looking to sell your home you still can enjoy taking good care of it and having one of the more stylish homes on the block. As wood ages, it tends to warp and discolor. Painting your fence prevents this, as it seals the wood away from the sun, wind, and rain – the three biggest contributors to the aged look of a wood fence. Vegetation can also discolor a fence, so if your fence runs under a tree, you may notice it turning green over the years.

If you’re looking to paint the fence yourself you should be sure to mow the lawn and trim the areas of grass and shrubbery at the bottom of the fence. Brushing or rinsing the fence off before you paint will minimize the amount of dirt and yard trimmings that get trapped between the paint and the wood. Cleaning dirt and debris from the bottom of your fence will also ensure clean paint lines. If it’s already been painted you should power wash the fence and scrape off or sand off the old paint. You need to allow the fence to dry completely before painting. If it rained yesterday, don’t paint. It’s not too difficult but if you don’t adequately prepare the surface your paint job may not last. Additionally, if you find any insect infestations you should hire an exterminator to solve the bug problem before you paint and stop any further damage.

The cost for painting your fence is mainly based on the amount of paint that you need. If you’re unable to paint the fence yourself or care about the quality of the job you may opt to hire a professional commercial painter. Exterior painting can be more difficult and strenuous than indoor painting so it may be worth the additional cost. A professional usually charges between $250 and $300 to paint both sides of a 50 foot fence. Depending on the competition in your area, the size of the fence, and the condition or style of the fence the prices may vary.

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