Parking Striping Services – What You Need To Know

When you pull into a parking space at the grocery store, have you ever put thought into who drew out the parking spaces and who decided where they should go? Parking lot striping holds a high level of importance for any retail business, and is truly an important factor for any brick and mortar location. What would you do if you pulled into a parking lot that did not have any direction or clearly marked parking spaces? The importance of parking lot striping services is often overlooked, but without them, there would be no direction, poor utilization of space and likely a lot of accidents. If you are a business owner that has any number of employees or customers, be sure to hire someone for parking striping services to clearly mark off your parking lot. Below, we break down the specific benefits of parking lot striping services.

Benefits of Parking Lot Striping


The number one benefit for parking lot striping is safety. No business owner wants to create opportunities for carelessness on their property. Not having defined parking spaces, directional flows of traffic, clearly marked handicapped spaces, clearly marked fire lanes, etc can all be extremely dangerous, and may violate certain business safety codes. Do yourself and your customers a favor and be sure your parking lot is clearly marked. Thill will avoid unnecessary accidents.

Traffic Flow

Imagine a busy intersection with no lights, traffic signs, or marked traffic lanes. This is a sure way to cause confusion for drivers and would quickly become an intersection avoided by drivers unless absolutely necessary. The same holds true for your parking lot. You may not realize the importance of smooth traffic flow until you witness the chaos that comes without directional traffic cues. Have arrows that show the suggested way of traffic flow, stop sign markings where necessary, defined customer walking areas, and more. This will help avoid confusion and your customers will unknowingly, greatly appreciate it! 

Handicap Parking

To ensure safety of handicap customers and remain ADA Compliant, you must have proper parking lot striping. The number of spaces you must have depends on the overall parking space capacity in your lot. Failure to stripe your parking lot could result in expensive fines that are avoidable. 

Space Utilization

Perhaps the most practical benefit of parking lot striping is that it creates the best use of space. A well mapped out parking lot allows the most amount of parking spaces possible while ensuring safety. Without proper striping, people will park wherever they find most convenient, which is often not convenient for the next customer looking for a spot. This can lead to congestion and accidents as well as vehicles unable to safely leave their parking spot without damaging their own or other vehicles. 

While parking lot striping may not be the most exciting topic to discuss, it is a practical and necessary part of every business. If your parking lot needs a touch up, JMA Painters offers parking lot striping services and would be happy to assist. If you are repainting the exterior of your commercial building, that is the perfect time to also include a parking lot touch up. We would be happy to bid out your project and keep your customers safe. Contact us for your free quote.

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