Experienced fumes from a paint job in your home, or perhaps even your workplace? Worry about the affect they may have on your health? You are not just being paranoid. The fumes emitted are as toxic as they smell, in many cases.

Whether you are doing the painting, or have hired professional commercial painters to do the job for you, it is important to consider the implications of standard paint versus paint with lower levels of VOCs on your health, and the environment.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) emit pollutants that contribute to ground level ozone pollution and drastically affect air quality in homes; posing risk to both your health and the environments’. Choosing paint with reduced levels of VOCs lowers paint-derived emissions of smog forming chemicals that also cause health concerns.

Many incidents of eye or respiratory irritation have been observed when exposure to Volatile Organic Compounds has occurred, from paint in both indoor and outdoor situations. Very fortunately many common brands now offer paint with reduced VOCs. It is just up to you (or your painters) to choose them.

For those looking for greener options, that reduce environmental impact and potential harm to your health, low VOC paints are where it’s at and will perform just as well as any high VOC paint, without the hazard. This is important to know whether you are having a commercial painter do the painting for you or you are doing it yourself. Make sure that they are using the safer paint, with low VOCs, to protect you from toxic fumes and to keep pollutants from invading your home.

JMA Painters exclusively uses low or no VOC paints in all of our projects.

More about JMA Painters:

JMA Painters has executed commercial painting projects for large companies as Best Buy, Albertsons, Walgreens, Home Depot, Tsunami, and more. We’ve proven ourselves to the large companies, national and local project management companies, and the local business owners. Let us prove to you on your next project that no one does it better than JMA Painters.

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