Planning a commercial painting project can seem overwhelming as there are several factors that should be carefully considered by planners, such as choosing the right painters for your project, planning to paint during convenient times for building residents and choosing the best colors for your indoor or outdoor space.

JMA Painters offers solutions on how to ensure that your commercial painting project is a success:

Choosing Your Painters

The most important factor in ensuring that your painting project is a success is choosing a certified team that will guarantee the quality of their work. Hiring an insured, reputable company that you can trust will eliminate unforeseen issues that can arise during the course of the job. While you should definitely get several bids and compare prices, at the end of the day – a job well done at a slightly higher price is worth more than the potential of getting shotty or inexperienced work from the low bidder. Research your local options in advance with a simple google search.

Plan to Paint in Off-Peak Hours

The schedule for your painting project should ideally occur around the routines of the building’s occupants so as not to disturb regular business. Plan to paint around the peak active hours both in and outside of the building. This will prevent any unnecessary disruptions, annoyances, and perhaps delays concerning the job and will also result in much fewer complaints (if any) from building occupants. Painting in off-peak hours will allow the process to flow much easier for your team and enable them to finish their job faster without any disturbances.

Choose your Colors Carefully

Colors have great impact on our psychology and represent the overall tone of both the interior and exterior of a building. Most people do not realize just how much power color has to dramatically alter the look and atmosphere of a space. That’s why it’s crucial to preplan your color palette so it blends with the existing decor elements such as furniture, artwork, flooring, and other aspects of the general design as well. In general, for commercial projects, neutral colors are more popular as they tend to convey a more professional quality. If you’re unsure about what colors are best for your project, consult with a local designer or give us a call at JMA Painters and we’ll help you choose the best option for your specific project.

Notify the Building’s Residents before Starting Your Paint Project

It is very important that your project planning includes considering the convenience of any of the residents or people who use the building you are about to work on whether it’s the outside or inside of the facility. Make sure to properly notify all residents ahead of time regarding the inside paint project of the building. If your project involves painting the exterior of a building, ask them to shut the windows, doors, etc. to eliminate odor and maintain safety.

Are you getting started planning a commercial painting project? Let us make the process seamless and successful!

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