Best Brands of Wood Floor Stains

Modern hardwood floors are an excellent aesthetic addition to your home or business. The natural wood look is a part of the charm, but what happens when your beautiful floors become ding and scratched? Your upscale facility can quickly alter with imperfections of an unpolished and worn down flooring. Good news! Hardwood floors are easy to restore to near new conditions and there are preventative measures that can be taken to extend the life of your wood and add to the overall structure of your facility. Below we explore some of the best recommended brands for floor stains and coatings.

Best Floor Stains and Coating Brands

Wood floor stain is simply a type of paint that binds with the natural grain of the wood by soaking pigment into the wood fibers. There are hundreds of floor stain colors to choose from that keep the natural wood grain look while adding your own personal flavor and style to the overall look of the room. Just as there are many color options, there are also lots of different brands to choose from. Below are our top five picks and what we like about them. 


Minwax is America’s leading brand of wood finishing and considered the go-to floor stain for most. You can find this brand at just about any store that carries paints and stains. Minwax comes in a large selection of colors and is a simple one-step staining process. You pretty much cannot go wrong with this brand. It can be applied to bare or stripped wood surfaces, and is ideal for unfinished wood and wood furniture.


DuraSeal is not at your everyday paint store, but can be found at most hardwood supply stores. We recommend the Fast Dry selection as it is designed to dry in as little as 2-3 hours! Another perk is this brand only requires a single coat. The color varieties are more limited with only four rich wood tones, but depending on your project and objectives, this is an excellent option.

Bona DriFast Stain

This brand selection is an oil-modified stain. It also dries extremely fast; you can apply a second coat in as little as 2 hours. Because of its advanced technology and quick drying formula, this brand is a go to for hardwood flooring professionals. Other benefits include more coverage per sq ft/gal , easy touch ups, low odor and easy clean up. 

Fabulon Crystal

This choice can be applied over existing wood stains and finishes or newly sanded wood. It provides a nice natural gloss and is excellent on both floors, furniture and cabinets. Fabulon Crystal has a super fast dry time of 1-2 hours!

Varathane by Rustoleum

Rustoleum is a very popular brand so you have likely heard of it and seen it on shelves at just about any paint store. Varathane is one of their specialty products and can typically only be found in local hardwood supply stores. This stain is sold as a one-step or separate stain and finish and is known for its scuff, scratch, and stain resistance. It is nearly odorless but does require quite a few coats. 

JMA Painters is skilled in wood stains and transparent finishes. If you have any questions or are looking for a commercial paint contractor for the job, contact us for a free quote! We work with the newest paint technologies and have excellent customer service and turnaround times. We look forward to working with you!

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