When to Hire Painting Contractors

When it comes to home or business improvement, exterior paint is one job that is best left to the experts. Painting contractors have the experience and the skill to do this work properly and efficiently. They can also suggest the best kind of paint for the task, taking climate and construction material into consideration (and yes, even painting in high Louisiana humidity!). While you may be tempted to save money and make it a do-it-yourself task, your safety may be at risk! Painting contractors would have the correct and safest tools and, more importantly, their own insurance, shielding you from liability. When seeking out a paint contractor, be sure to do your research: make sure the painting contractors are licensed and insured, has a good reputation, and provides the best pricing to ensure you get the work done without any worries. How will you know if you need to hire a contract painter? Let’s go through a few reasons why you may want to enlist the help from a professional rather than take on the task yourself.

Painting Contractors – Safety:

When it comes to your safety, the safety of your family, or the safety of your employees, nothing is worth the risk. When you need an interior or an exterior surface or area painted, it may seem safer to do it yourself or within your family or company. However, many residents and companies lack the safety measures they need to complete the job properly. Hiring a contract painter give you the peace of mind that your family is safe, that your employees are safe, and that your property is taken care of. The best way to ensure that a contract painter will provide you that peace of mind is by making sure they have up-to-date licensing and insurance policies. In this way, you and your company are covered in the event of an accident or sub-par work. You can rest assured that your contractor will be able to perform the job safely and effectively.

Quality Paint Work:

You may call yourself the “modern-day Picasso,” but, chances are, that’s not quite true. Even the most skilled artistic painters can struggle with commercial or home painting projects. You may want to hire a contract painter to make sure that the job is completed with skill and professionalism. If you’re looking for a contract painter, consider hiring one who has experience working with commercial and home paint contractors. They’ll have the ability to handle all types of work from painting to finishing. They will have the proper tools and equipment to do the job, and they will also be able to tell you what paint or finishes will be best suited for your project. Because their reputation and name is on the line, you can be sure that the right contract painter can complete the task with a level of perfection!


If you are on any kind of time crunch for your painting project, you may want to hire a contract painter. A honey-do list can get really long in no time, so a one-day project may turn into two, five, even a month’s time! If it is a commercial project, there are certainly other tasks on your plate. Hiring an experienced contractor will save you time, as they will be focused on that one tasks versus the countless tasks on your plate.

Painting Contractors – Cost:

It may seem cheaper to take the painting task into your own hands, but that is not always the case. Yes, you may be incurring labor charges, but you will save money on the materials needed for the project. Instead of guessing on how much paint you need, what brushes or tools you need, and overspending, hiring a contract painter will allow you to save money and the headache of buying those products. Advanced painting contractors will be able to tell you exactly what is needed, so the extra cost is not incurred. Also, the cost of the labor is minuscule compared to the price you might pay should you have to complete yourself more than once because of a lack of quality. The contract painter will get it done professionally, and save you money on repairs and commercial repaints in the long run.

Overall, hiring outside help may seem like a daunting and costly task, but if your project requires the knowledge, expertise, and skill of a contract painter, it can be worth it. Contact the specialists at JMA Painters to see how they can go to work on your project, bringing your painted vision to life!

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