Benefits of Exterior Commercial Repaint

Repainting exterior of smoothie king center
Repainting exterior of smoothie king center

The exterior of your business allows a potential customer to judge a book by its cover, which in this case, can be a good thing for you. A well maintained property is much more welcoming than a property with chipping and peeling paint, and will create a cleaner atmosphere for future clients and customers.  Customers generally prefer and trust a friendly looking, visually appealing business. If your business is in need of a commercial repaint, keep on reading.

Commercial painting offers a solution for property and business owners – commercial repaint work. In addition to improving customer and client confidence, commercial painting can protect the surface of a buildings exterior. Constant exposure to sunlight and weather can have damaging effects on structural material. By coating the exterior with UV resistant and weather combatant paint, the longevity of your business can improve simply by repainting the exterior of your business.

An added benefit you might not immediately think about is improved employee morale, retention, and productivity. Your employees are directly influenced by their visual surroundings.  Industry journals regularly cite the value of clean, bright workplaces.  A new coat of paint will lead to higher spirits than a dull environment, and a new paint job will pep up employees before they even step inside. Take a second to think of well known successful businesses that are known for happy employees – Do they have a facility that employees are proud to walk in? Probably so.

Most importantly are the direct economic benefits to a commercial building that has been well maintained. Starting with building value.  Take two of the same building with the only difference being condition and aesthetic value of paint and landscaping – Every time the good looking, well maintained building will have a higher value, sales values, and bring greater rents from better tenants. Along with greater income from a well painted building, there is also the cost benefit of regular maintenance.  As a general rule, it is less expensive to do timely maintenance and keep a building up than it is to allow the building to deteriorate to the point of needing a major overhaul.

Signs its time for a commercial repaint

  • Cracking: Failing to repair cracked paint will cause it to flake and peel off.  The next layer of material will then be exposed to the elements.
  • Chalking: Chalking on painted materials, such as wood and stucco, appears as a fine powder that rubs off easily on your hand. Over the course of time, chalking degrades the protection paint provides to an exterior surface and also causes colors to fade.
  • Blistering: Moisture can get into the material at unpainted areas, allowing layers of paint to peel and bubble.
  • Mildew and algae: If you spot gray or black spots on the exterior surface of your premises, it may be mildew or algae. This is caused by poor air circulation and excessive moisture. If nothing is done about it, the paint could flake or crack, and its life span will be significantly reduced.


If you are in Louisiana, and you are considering the many benefits of an exterior commercial paint job, please give the friendly professionals at JMA Painters an opportunity to discuss your project with you and provide an estimate for your upcoming work.


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