Historic Home Restoration

historic home restorationHistory is abundant in the southern Louisiana area. That’s why we take pride in giving historic homes a “new life.” Whether it’s ensuring an existing building is secure or adding modern amenities, we appreciate the style and architectural needs with the ability to complete the project.

JMA Painters brings back the value, splendor and integrity in linking the past with the present then taking it into the future for generations to appreciate and enjoy. In historic home restoration there are many choices that will need to be made when trying to plan such a project so that the original construction and the integral character of the home are not compromised.

Conservation is the least aggressive action. This involves treating existing materials so that additional harm and damage does no t occur.  Restoration repairs the entire building with with intentions of restoring it to the original grace and glory.

Historic home restoration entails more phases than conservation and strives to fix destruction while at the same time maintaining as much of the present state of the historic areas as possible.
JMA Painters  takes advantage of modern expertise to give older buildings an efficient new life while paying special attention to the details of preserving it authentically. With years of experience JMA Painters, LLC has developed a reputation for quality work, reliable scheduling, and effortless communication. After only 8 years, we are well on our way to becoming the largest painting company in the area. They have the experience in repairing weathered worn and damaged structures or recreate historic architecture to commercial properties.

Refurbishing a timeless treasure or mistreated piece of the past and renovating it for future generations to relish is tremendously satisfying work. To think we have the ability to restore and preserve a moment of time from so long ago for our grandchildren to experience and learn from is an honor like no other. You will be impressed with our customer service and the quality of work we provide.  We would love to hear from you.


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