Choose Your Local Paint Contractor Wisely – Common Mistakes

Overtime, homes and businesses need to be freshed up. One of the most affordable ways to modernize and bring your home or business back to life is a fresh coat of paint. If you have decided to hire a local paint contractor rather than making it a DIY project, there are a few things you need to know before locking in with a contractor. A simple google search for “local paint contractors” is a good start, but will not be enough to make a wise hiring decision. It can be tempting to simply hire the first contractor you speak with, but choosing not to cut corners and doing your due diligence will be well worth the extra time. The right local paint contractor for the job will ensure you get the results you expect and will eliminate wasted costs and time on your project. Below we cover some of the most common mistakes we see homeowners and business owners make when going through the paint contractor hiring process. 

Common Mistakes in Hiring A Paint Contractor

Not Getting Multiple Quotes/Going With Cheapest Quote

When you speak to your potential local paint contractors, request an itemized quote so you can see a breakdown of costs and let them know you will be getting quotes from a few other paint contractors. This will typically bring about more competitive pricing and will help you to get an accurate idea of what your project truly will cost. Even if you are okay with the price you get back, it is important to compare with at least two other contractors to ensure you are getting a fair cost for supplies and services. It is also important to note that you get what you pay for. If you get one quote back that is significantly lower than all the others, it is not wise to simply go with the lowest price. You can pursue the rest of your due diligence with that contractor, but take caution and ask yourself why they are so much cheaper than the rest of the market. 

Paying Full Price Up Front

Only pay what is required to get your project started. Unfortunately, not everyone in the industry is as transparent as JMA Painters. We have witnessed companies accepting funds and not showing up for the job, doing sloppy work, not honoring the time frame promised of the job, not cleaning up after the job, etc. Pay your balance once you are satisfied with the outcome of the job. If the paint contractor you have selected requires full payment up front, we suggest looking for another one. 

Not Checking Reviews

While reviews will not give you a full picture, it is still very important to see what others are saying about your potential contractor. Google search the name of your potential contractor and read through both good and the bad reviews. Look for consistent complaints or praises. 

Not Checking References

Ask your potential local paint contractor for a few references from previous jobs they have completed. If there are commercial jobs, you can easily go check out the work yourself. Others, you may need to call, but actually call! Ask about things like timeliness, communication, quality of work, professionalism, any complaints, etc. The more information you get, the better your expectations will be with that particular contractor. 

Not Asking For A Contract

While it seems like a given, not all paint contractors will actually present a written contract. If your contractor simply asks you to sign off on the bid, request a full written contract of services. This will not only help keep your contractor liable but will also clearly define expectations and deliverables. A written contract will make it much easier to hold everyone to completing their part of the process. 

Not Checking For Insurance

Ask for proof of insurance! If your paint contractor does not have general business liability and a workman’s compensation policy, consider selecting one who does. Without these policies, you will be personally liable for any damages that may occur throughout the duration of the project (Including injury to one of the hired painters). This is particularly important in a commercial setting as an incident could negatively impact your business. A professional painter that has insurance will be able to make necessary repairs, replacements and compensation in the event something happened on your property. A solid, reputable paint contractor will gladly show you copies of their insurance policies. 

While this is not an all inclusive list, JMA Painters hopes it provides a good starting place in hiring a local paint contractor for your next project. We would be happy to bid out your project and discuss the services we offer. Contact JMA Painters today to kickstart your hiring process.

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