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Professional Painters vs. DIY: Which is Right for Your Project?

In a market where saving costs is becoming increasingly more important, you may contemplate whether or not to hire professional painters for your paint project or to tackle the job yourself. There are pros and cons to both routes. In this post we will discuss the factors involved in making this decision including costs, experience, time, and more. We will also discuss what you need to know when considering a professional painter for hire. Let’s dive in.

DIY Painting

Benefits of DIY Painting

A DIY project is simply a project you do yourself (Do It Yourself). The number one benefit of doing a paint project yourself is you will typically save costs. Professional painters provide their own supplies and can typically get paint at wholesale prices, but you will pay a fee for labor and their experience.

Considerations for DIY Painting

Do it yourself are always initially tempted to pull out the rollers and knock out the job themselves. JMA Painters cautions this before careful consideration. While hundreds of people successfully paint their own homes and businesses, you would be surprised at the number of jobs professional painters get that started off as DIY projects. This of course, turns your project into something more expensive than it would have been had you hired the local painting company initially. So while we do not discourage you from the DIY paint project, we encourage you to consider a few things before making that decision.

Time and Equipment

Are you in a time crunch? E.x. Are you painting in preparation to sell your house in this sellers market? A professional painter will be able to complete the job much quicker than a one man show.

  • Your time – not only should you consider how quickly you need the job done, but you should consider your own time. The phrase “time is money” is accurate. Do you have the time to complete this project once you start? If not, hiring someone could be worth the time it saves you.

Do you have the correct equipment to complete the job? E.x. if you have very high ceilings, you may need extended rollers, ladders, etc.

Experience and Paint Selection

  • Experience level – have you completed a similar project in the past? Do you know the proper prep work and what it takes to properly finish the task? A professional paint contractor is skilled in the cleaning, fixing, and repairing that needs to take place to extend the life of your paint.
  • The right paint – do you know what kind of paint to get and how much? Professional painters will know exactly how much paint you need, and the best brands and paint types to guarantee their work will last an appropriate time frame for the job. Note that professional painters typically use way less paint than Do it yourselfers simply because of technique.

Clean-Up and Disposal

  • Clean up – are you familiar with the appropriate disposal of unused paint and paint materials?

While paint projects can be fun, they can quickly turn daunting. If any of the above items have you questioning if you want to take on the project or if your walls are in poor condition, old paint needs to be stripped, or if you plan on utilizing specialty coatings, you should hand the brush over to the professionals.

Perks Of Hiring A Professional Painter

Hiring a professional takes all the stress off the table. Painting companies will be able to guide you through the process from start to finish and bring your vision to life. Professional painters have the knowledge and experience to professionally handle your project and get the results you hope for. They take care of ordering the paint, all the prep work, the actual paint job, and the clean up that follows. Turn around time is much quicker than doing the project yourself as you will get a dedicated team who is skilled and efficient.

Specialized Services

Certain contractors specialize in different services so when shopping the market and getting bids, be sure to look for someone who specializes in the type of project you are hiring for. At JMA painters, we work in both the commercial, industrial and residential sectors. Some services we provide include but are not limited to:

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