Learning how to paint is easy and can be done by anyone. Whether it is your first time to paint or you have already done it before, it is always important to know the right ways to paint in order for you to arrive at your desired results. So, what are best ways to apply paint?

When it comes to applying paint, you must first clean the surface of your targeted area. Remove dirt, dust or grease spots. Then, once you have done this successfully, start applying paint. When applying paint, start with a zigzag. You should start about one meter from the corner. Then, roll towards the corner. Since it is your first stroke using a loaded roller, you must always roll it away from you. Continue with a M pattern when painting with your roller.

When you paint the wall, push your roller upwards on your first stroke. This should be away from you and you must paint in an M pattern. Initial strokes are said to spread the heaviest part when loading paint evenly.

When filling in, once you have completed the said patterns, you should start filling in one meter square through strokes that are crisscross without lifting your roller on the surface. Every stroke must be about 1.5 to 2 feet long. To avoid any bubbles, you should utilize even pressure and you must stop when the whole section is covered evenly with the paint.

When moving your roller, this should be in one direction only to produce more stippled effect than moving in the other directions. Keep this instruction in mind especially during the final strokes. For touching up, load your roller again, then repeat the sequence. Once you are done painting, don’t allow anything to touch the surface for several hours. Even if paint seems dry to the touch, it may still be wet underneath. A hard bump could easily disturb the surface of the paint.

Painting is fun and will surely be worth your time. However, if you don’t want to encounter any inconvenience, make sure to purchase the right paint as this can make a huge difference. You have to keep in mind that not all painting rollers and brushes are suitable for your application. So, see to it that you have the right painting tools in order for you to paint effectively.

When it comes to paint, you can purchase any paint color. You can even consider any brand for your desired paint. But, ensure that your chosen paint will be suitable to the surface you’re going to apply. The reason behind it is that paints are of different types and may differ from one another. So, if you want your paint to last for a long time, see to it that your preferred paint is the right one for the surface. You can ask for an expert’s help if you don’t know which paint is best suited for your wall or room. This can save you an ample amount of money in replacements or buying faulty paints.

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