A paint job not only gives an enhanced look to your home, but also increases its life by protecting the walls. Hiring a professional contractor for painting can be a bit expensive so having a basic knowledge about house painting can be handy at times. It not only helps you in understanding the materials and processes involved in painting but also helps you in estimating the costs better.


House painting can usually be divided into two parts; Interior painting and exterior painting. the majority of people prefer painting the interior of their house themselves as it does not require any repairs and is quite easy.

The preparing phase in painting involves inspecting the areas like walls and ceilings to be painting and leveling uneven surfaces. You should check for leaks covering all the holes and cracks which are normally present around the joints and corners. You should remove all the bumps and make the surface smooth using a scraper before applying the primer which is essential for the paint to adhere. Every paint type has its own special primer, so you need to choose wisely.

For exterior painting, power washing is usually considered as step one. You need a pressure washer and detergent to remove the loose paint, mildew and dust from the walls and ceiling. After letting the surface dry for a day or two, you can scrap and sand the surfaces to remove old paint and level the surface. After that you can treat the surface with primer to prepare it for final paint.

Good quality paints can be a bit expensive but they are durable and give a better look to your house. This durability and high quality means that you don’t need regular repairs which actually makes them a better choice in terms of overall cost.

Choosing colors is probably the most important step in house painting. Making a good choice is very important as you have to live with them for a fairly long time. The color combination should go with the personality of the owner but the house structure, spacing and lighting are important factors too. You can take professional advice while buying the paints and then make final choice based on your own liking.


Hiring a licensed painter in your area can be a difficult task for the first timers. Without prior knowledge it can be difficult to select a contractor from the listings in yellow pages. Here are few tips which can help you in finding a professional contractor for paint job.

Referrals from friends and family who have had a good painting experience can be quite useful.

You can look for good painting contractor online. The majority of leading firms have their websites where you can find information about them and “before and after” pictures as well as testimonials from the people they have served.

You should always check the qualifications and certifications of the contractor to ensure that they have required skills and experience.

You should always consider your budget while selecting a painting contractor. Different contractors charge different rates based on the expertise and materials involved and the time they take for completion.

So if you’re in the New Orleans/Lafayette area and are in need of a commercial painter, check us out!

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