Commercial Waterproofing: Why is it Important?

When you are thinking about painting, you may be focusing on the color scheme you want to portray, the type of paint you want to use, and/or many other aspects of the job. But, are you thinking about making your painted surface waterproof? If not, you certainly should be. Especially in such a warm and damp climate as that of South Louisiana, making sure your painted surfaces are waterproof should be at the front of your mind. Whether outdoors or indoors, your project will always benefit from commercial waterproofing performance paint, and here are just a few reasons why:

Commercial Waterproofing Prevents Moisture Accumulation

Commercial waterproofing your painted structures is important because it can prevent moisture from collecting within your walls, floors, or other structures. Once water droplets collect in those structures, mold can very quickly take over. Mold can quickly cause respiratory problems, which is what gave it its nickname “the silent killer.” The moisture can come from the wet ground, rainwater, and even the atmosphere. Protecting your surfaces from this potentially dangerous mold infestation can save you on remodeling costs and health costs.

Increases Resistance to Water

When your painted surfaces are waterproof, they repel water and keep it away. This is especially important on surfaces that are either around water, such as a patio or pool deck, or can be exposed to the elements, such as a garage or porch. If these surfaces do not repel water, they can be at risk for moisture accumulation and/or long-term structural damage. Keep your surfaces in pristine condition by using a commercial waterproofing performance paint to not only add color but increased functionality!

Suppresses Water-Borne and Moisture-Induced Health Hazards

Water-logged surfaces can quickly be taken over by mold. When a person is exposed to mold, their respiratory system is compromised. Their airways can be blocked, they can experience allergic-type reactions, and they can even have a skin reaction to the mold. Overall, any type of mold is extremely bad for a person’s health and well-being. Having a painted surface that suppresses those types of health hazards are not only good for the surfaces themselves, but also for the homeowner and those who live around those surfaces.

Halts Structural Damage from Water

Water is key to our lives on Earth, but it can also cause major damage to our homes, land, and everything that we know and love. Just ask any Louisianaian during hurricane season how much damage “a little water” can do. Any surface with prolonged exposure to water runs the risk of foundation compromise. If you use a commercial waterproofing paint, your structure is safe from those types of damages, saving you money in the long run. Make the investment now to save you from potential water damage in the future!

Improves Overall Look

If your surfaces are not waterproofed, they can begin to look shoddy or low-grade. Water can get into surfaces and ruin the integrity of the face and look of them, quickly ruining the style you may be going for. Your floor may start to buckle, your walls may begin to bubble or peel, and/or your surfaces may begin to crack. Save yourself the headache of renovation and use a waterproof paint to save your surfaces’ beauty!

Waterproofing your surfaces now can save you time, money, and headaches later! If you are looking for a high quality waterproof performance paint, you should stop by a painting company near you to discover the benefits of this type of paint. Take no chances with this South Louisiana humidity and weather and call JMA Painters today!

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