Remodeling and Renovation Tips For Returning to the Office

The COVID-19 pandemic has been an extremely difficult and trying time for those across the world. Quarantines and shutdowns have taken place across the globe in an attempt to thwart further spread of this virus. Luckily, the CDC and state governmental agencies are beginning to lessen those restrictions, and workers throughout the country are returning to the office for the first time in over a year. A professor from Stanford has stated that “almost twice as many employees are working from home as at work.” So, for those who are returning to their brick-and-mortar office, the incentive must be clear, and the worker must feel safe and protected when returning. Therefore, what can employers do in order to assure their returning employees that their physical space is safe and conducive to productivity after the pandemic? Here are a few tips from JMA Painters, your local commercial painting contractors to renovate and remodel your business to cater to those employees returning and your customer base:

Upgrading Your HVAC System

Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is vital to your business’ operations. Especially after the pandemic, business owners should put even more focus into making sure the air quality in their space is of the highest quality. Upgrading your HVAC system may seem like an expensive renovation, but ensuring that your employees and customers are taking in air that has been filtered and clean will never be more important than now. Installing extra filtration, adding air flow vents, and even something as simple as opening windows around your office and/or adding fans for more airflow, can all increase the air quality in your business, making it more readily available and a safer option for employees to return.

Installing Key Card Scanners at Entry Points

The most touched surfaces in your business are the doorknobs and door handles. To thwart the spread of germs on these surfaces, consider moving towards technological options. Having a system in place that requires an employee to scan an ID or badge to open doors throughout your office is a great way to prevent the spread of germs from person-to-person, but it can also serve as a security measure, making sure only authorized individuals are allowed in certain areas of the building. This may be another expensive change, but limiting physical touching of surfaces is a proven way to stop the spread of any virus or germs.

Convert the Reception Area into a Sanitizing Area

With more people returning to regular business procedures, you will likely have more clients/customers in your business mingling with your employees and staff. Considering remodeling the reception area into a sanitizing station is a great idea to utilize already present space to promote cleanliness. Setting up a hand sanitizer pump and/or machine at the entrance to your business will allow customers and employees the opportunity to kill germs that they may have on their hands while interacting with the receptionist to receive the guidance and/or help that they may need. 

Separate Incoming Mail and Packages Area

Assuring that all incoming mail and packages are properly sanitized prior to entering your business space is key. Use this time to designate a space in which incoming mail is received and can be sanitized and decontaminated prior to distribution. This provides a safe space for delivery drivers and receiving employees alike to retrieve mail and packages that have been decontaminated. This small step can kill thousands of germs that would otherwise enter your building, putting the health of your employees and customers at risk.

Give Your Building a Fresh and Clean Look

After this trying and stressful season, try utilizing commercial painting contractors to give your building a new, clean look. Shades such as light blue, light gray, and other softer tones can make your commercial space look cleaner and brighter. Also, putting on a new coat of paint can give you the opportunity for a deep clean of your walls, floors, and other surfaces prior to painting. There are even some paint options on the market that have antimicrobial properties, keeping your surfaces clean long after your doors are closed. 

The transition from working-from-home to being back in the office doesn’t have to be stressful for the employees, customers, nor the business owners. Consider these renovations to make your business a safer and cleaner place for everyone that steps foot within its walls. 

If you are looking for paint options or advice on how to make your office space safe for full capacity once again, contact JMA Painters in Lafayette. Their highly-trained commercial painting contractors are ready to work hard to bring your business back to life!

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