What Makes Your Exterior Paint Last?

As a homeowner, styling and decorating the interior of your home can be a true joy! However, keeping the exterior of your home in as good condition as your interior should also be a priority for you. When the exterior of your home is painted, it is constantly exposed to the elements, risking its perfection. Whether it’s due to weather or other outside forces, the exterior of your home can quickly deteriorate if it is not taken care of quickly. So, what are some ways to keep the outside of your home looking as dazzling and stunning as the interior of your home? Let’s go through a few exterior painting tips from JMA Painters, your local painting contractors, that can save you lots of time, headache, and money in the long run!

Preparation is KEY!

The first way to protect your home’s exterior paint job is to prepare as best you can prior to damage taking place. As they say, “failing to prepare is preparing to fail!” One way that you as a homeowner can prepare the exterior surfaces of your home for long-lasting paint is by using sandpaper to create a smooth surface prior to painting. Prepping the surface in this manner allows for the paint to go on smoother and with better quality, ensuring a longer lasting finish. In the same way, be sure to properly clean the exterior of your home prior to painting. Lastly, ensure that the surfaces are as level as possible. This ensures that paint will adhere to the surface in a consistent fashion, limiting uneven painting and eventual deterioration of the paint. These steps can help you even before paint ever touches your exterior!

Painting Properly With Painting Contractors

Any job worth doing is a job worth doing right! Making sure that your paint lasts is all about having the job done right in the first place! Most painting contractors are well-trained and knowledgeable about the proper painting techniques used on home exteriors and how to make the paint last longer. Be sure that the right tools are being used to paint the exterior of your home. Without the right tools, there will be minimal lasting power. Also, using high quality paint products is of utmost importance. Using an exterior paint and primer can help your home’s exterior from cracking, peeling, or fading over time, providing a beautiful look for many years to come!

Keeping Your Surfaces Dry

Water is the enemy of any home surfaces, including your exterior. Any form of water or moisture accumulating on or near your home’s exterior can quickly wreak havoc! Therefore, keeping it dry and away from water sources is key. First, be sure to remedy any source of pooling water, such as bad drainage from gutters, or any other source. Next, be sure to properly seal all edges that lead to the exterior of your home, such as windows, doors, and all trim. If water were to get in through those small areas, you may begin to damage your exterior without even realizing it.. Lastly, keep sprinkler systems and/or watering systems far enough away from your home to thwart water from directly hitting your home. All of these fixes can remedy a water problem before it is too late!

Repairing Damage ASAP!

Lastly, if you take all necessary precautions, but still notice damage to your home’s exterior, do not fret! There are steps you can take to ensure that this damage remains minimal. If you see any signs of moisture beginning to damage your home’s exterior, be sure to address that right away. Removing the source of the water or moisture, then having a professional correct the damage as soon as possible is vital to preventing further damage that could also damage the interior of your home as well as the health of its occupants. Finally, if you notice any physical damage to your home’s exterior paint, siding, or other areas, be sure to secure that area and replace them as necessary to keep your home looking nice and neat!

Your home protects you and your loved ones from the elements, so do your best to protect it from the same. If you need qualified, well-trained, and experienced painting contractors to address any areas to your home’s exterior paint, contact JMA Painters.

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