Coated concrete flooring and workplace safety

coated concrete flooringAs industrial professionals, we all struggle every day to find ways of making the workplace safer for the people that make our businesses work: our employees. So when you’re building or renovating a warehouse, manufacturing plant, factory, storage facility or other commercial or industrial structure, it’s important to put yourself in your workers’ shoes as you decide what steps to take to improve safety. One easy way to implement safety is coated concrete.

How does a coated concrete floor provide added safety?

Concrete flooring may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to improving safety, but having a professional coatings contractor apply the right coating can lead to a big boost in your workplace safety efforts.

A quality epoxy coated concrete coating will improve foot traffic by creating a slip-proof surface, leading to fewer accidents in the building. The new surface is also fire, chemical and impact resistant, which can come in handy depending on the work your company does. And while being easy to clean doesn’t seem like a safety feature, consider that having less dirt, dust, and grime in your facility means better health for your crews. If your employees can focus on their work rather than how cruddy they feel, they’re safer and more productive.

Another benefit of concrete floor coatings is in the design of your workplace. By applying colored stains to predetermined areas, you can better direct company workflow through your facility by creating sectors with specific purposes. Imagine how much safer someone might be if they could see the path the warehouse forklifts take and stay out of their way, or if they couldn’t wander into a danger zone without noticing the bright red flooring underneath them.

Improved workplace safety is just one of the benefits a quality concrete floor coating can bring to your industrial or commercial facility.

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