Ways to handle paint odors during commercial painting projects

painter with maskPaints that are mostly used in commercial projects do not have strong odors that the oil based paints will have, but there are people who are very sensitive to even the little smell of paint. Some people use eco-friendly paints that have a low level of odor or almost odorless. However, most of the wet paints that are used in commercial painting projects can be problematic for individuals with respiratory problems. Most of the people will find it difficult to be around any type of wet paint.

Actually it is important in commercial painting to be aware of how the new paint job will affect people. For example women who are pregnant can be well affected by the danger when they breathe in the fumes of fresh paint. Although the extent of the harm of the paint is not fully determined by the expert researchers but it is true that the paint is unsafe for women in this delicate condition. Following are few ways how to handle paint odors in commercial painting projects:

Pick the Right Paint:

The best way to handle the paint odor problem is to pick the best quality paint in commercial project. The higher the quality of the paint is the lower is the level of Volatile Organic Compounds level exists in the paint color. You can also use zero VOC paints that are used by many Commercial Painting Contractors nowadays and are little expensive. However, zero VOC paints offer a great level of benefits over other conventional paint types available in the market. The paints that are considered low VOC will typically have low level of fumes while it is drying. These paints are available in variety of popular color, so you can choose the best one for your commercial projects.

Choose the Right Time for Painting:

The earlier you can get your paint project completed the more time you will have to keep your room ventilated before you need to close windows for the evening. When the weather is very humid it causes the paint to dry much slower. If you are using a humidifier you really need to turn this off and even turn on your dehumidifier if you can as this will really help the paint dry quicker.

It is important to take a commercial painting project in dry season since you have to let your paint to be dried properly. If the paint is dried quickly, you can get more time to keep your room ventilated.There will be no paint odor if you allow the paint to properly dry. Hence, it is important to choose the perfect season for any commercial painting services because if the weather is very humid it causes the paint to dry much slower.

You can also use some baking soda in the painted room since this will help to absorb the fumes the paint generates while drying.

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