When To Paint During A Remodel

One of the common questions we get asked at JMA Painters is about when to paint during a remodel. Whether you are restoring your home from recent hurricane damage, or simply expanding your home or business for a new fresh look, the steps for a remodel typically remain the same. Below we explore the recommended steps for a remodel with a focus on the painting stage. 

Planning & Budgeting

We cannot stress the importance of this part of remodeling. Having a set plan for what you want to achieve and the steps to accomplish that along with how much you are willing to spend on the job is essential to your satisfaction with the outcome. If you are contracting out the work, this step will also help clearly express your expectations and allow your contractor the opportunity to properly meet those expectations. We recommend starting with a budget – how much are you willing to spend? Once you have this, work backwards with the different parts of the process and determine costs of materials, labor, etc. This will give you a realistic idea of what you will be able to accomplish within your budget. Your contractor will be able to assist you with that part of the process if needed. 


Depending on the scope of your project, walls may need to be knocked down, gutted, or built/rebuilt. Demolition and building the framework is the starting place for the project itself. If you are one of the many working on rebuilding from the damage brought about by this hurricane season, you will need to ensure you remove any drywall that is wet or damaged before mold sets in, and that the walls fully dry before moving on to any other steps. If you have access to a dehumidifier, that is ideal for removing all moisture from the walls.  

Electrical & Plumbing

Before installing drywall, take advantage of the open walls to install electrical and plumbing needed for the project. Doing this step as an afterthought will lead to fishing wires and some holes in your new walls. 


We highly recommend you hire a professional to install your drywall. It may seem a bit costly, but there are huge benefits to having it done properly the first time. Drywall installation and the drywall finishing process should result in a seamless wall with no cracks, no gaps, etc. Drywall finishing is an important step to ensure the walls are prepped for painting and that any imperfections between the panels disappear. JMA Painters does offer drywall finishing and installation services. Contact us for your free quote. 


Your next step in the remodel process is flooring. There is some debate on if you should install your flooring before or after you paint. For those wondering when to paint during a remodel, our recommendation is to always save painting for last. A professional paint contractor understands the proper prep work needed to protect your floors during the painting process so the benefits far outweigh the small risk of a paint spill. 


For everyone who found this post looking for the answer to the famous question: when to paint during a remodel, here it is! Last! Painting your home or business during a remodel should be one of the very last steps of the process. The remodeling process up to this point involves a lot of dust, dirt, and debris that could easily mess up a fresh coat of paint (even after that paint has already dried!). If you are pulling up floors, or even installing new floors, this should be done first. Until paint has “become one with” the wall, it is important to avoid loose debris and tools that could damage the paint job.  Trust us from experience, save your painting, trim and finish work for last! You won’t regret it. 

If you are in the planning process for a home or commercial remodel, JMA Painters would love the opportunity to bid out the painting portion of your project. Contact JMA for your free quote today. 

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