Industrial Painting Services – What You Likely Didn’t Know & Need Too!

Industrial Painting differs from commercial painting in both its approach and the end goal. While commercial painting services focus on aesthetics and proper portrayal of the business being painted, the focus of industrial painting services lie on the function of the paint in industrial settings. An industrial setting includes any property used for the manufacturing of something such as warehouses, factories, plants, etc. Industrial painting services also include the painting of boats, machinery, and bridges. Industrial painting is necessary if your business is exposed to extreme temperatures and harsh weather conditions. If you would like to learn more about the difference between commercial and industrial painting, view our post “Difference Between Commercial & Industrial Painting”. 

Industrial Painting Services

Industrial painters are skilled in sustaining the durability of your business (factory, plant, etc.)  without sacrificing the functionality of your facility and its equipment. At JMA, our focus lies in two segments of industrial painting: high performance coatings and intumescent coatings. 

High Performance Coatings

These types of coatings serve the purpose of protecting metal and steel structures. These coatings create a surface that is not easily destroyed as it creates a barrier between the metal or steel and its environment. If your business structure has exposure to harsh chemicals (including cleaning products) or corrosion for example, a high performance coating would protect the structure and extend its overall surface life. Some examples of businesses that would benefit from high performance coatings include hospitals, offshore rigs, boats, sporting arenas and more.

Intumescent Coatings

These coatings are similar to high performance coatings and are used in similar business environments. What sets intumescent coatings apart is the sodium silicate that expands within the paint. This forms a layer of insulation, providing a fireproofing for the structure. This industrial painting service is an excellent choice of precaution for factories or chemical plants that risk fires. These types of coatings are often used on ships, aircrafts, and offshore oil constructions as well. 

What to Look for in an Industrial Paint Contractor

Although the characteristics of a good, qualified industrial paint contractor strongly resemble those of a commercial paint contractor, the nature of industrial settings will require a few more items to add to your qualification check off list. You will want to know their safety plan for the job, if they have any certifications (OSHA for example), their knowledge of your industry and experience within that industry. Each industry holds a unique set of safety regulations and your contractor will need to be familiar with these regulations for the project. Another important factor to consider will be turnaround time and project flexibility. A lot of industrial settings operate around the clock and a paint job could drastically impact business output and safety. Your contractor will need to have a plan to work around your business operations while maintaining a safe working environment for your staff. A quick turnaround will be ideal for industrial paint jobs, particularly if the work is on equipment. 

If your business is in need of an industrial paint job, contact JMA painters for your free quote. We utilize the latest paint technologies and we are committed to safely meeting your expectations within your budget and in a timely manner. 

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