When Is it Time for a Commercial Repaint?

As an owner or manager of a business, it is easy to prioritize upkeep of your equipment and the essential maintenance of your business. However, does the paint job make that high-priority to-do list? Usually, it does not. Do you know when it is time to have a commercial repaint done to your business? Of course, when you begin to see physical  damages, you would want to have those addressed immediately. But, a commercial repaint can also draw in new customers and bring an attraction to your company and business that can truly help your business grow. Here are some signs to notice and reasons why a commercial repaint is necessary. 

Practically, there are plenty of advantages to and situations where you would need a commercial repaint of your building or structure. The need for your structure to remain intact is the priority. If you are seeing cracking of the paint inside and outside of the structure, fading of the colors, and/or general paint damage, you would need to get your surfaces repainted. If there are dangerous aspects of your painted surface, such as mildew or mold, dry rot, and/or swollen and split boards, you would definitely need to have those repaired and repainted as soon as possible. Lastly, if your building is not up to code or does not meet quality and safety standards, those standards need to be met, including any and all painted surfaces. 

Of course, your business dealings taking place within those structures and buildings are just as important as the physical structure itself. Without the business dealings that go on within those walls, there would be no purpose for such structure. Therefore, if you wish to improve the physical workplace or change the mood within the business with a different color scheme, that would be one reason for needed a commercial repaint. It has been shown that color can drastically affect work productivity and success, so a color update can truly revamp your business!

Also, if your structure is less appealing and/or eye-catching than your competitors, it may be time for a commercial repaint. Maintaining your customer base and interest is key to keeping your business flowing and growing! Likewise, you may want to repaint your structure to maintain or increase your market value of the property. The more appeal your structure/building has, the more market value it has. 

Finally, repainting your business can add much needed general appeal. When your business is attractive, you are likely to draw in more foot traffic. More customers are likely to take notice of your business and remember you in future projects. You can also use a commercial repaint as a chance to re-brand your company. Bringing an exciting vibrancy to not only your building or space, but to your marketing strategy as a whole. A new color scheme can bring a new excitement and new avenues for growth. Lastly, a new commercial paint job can bring your business into the modern style, attracting the newest group of consumers. More consumers means more business, which is always a great thing for your business!

A commercial repaint is not only necessary when there are cracks and paint damages, but also when your business could use a makeover and a new customer attraction. Your contractor can also find other potential problems that are occurring under the paint that can become bigger problems if not addressed soon. If you think your business needs a commercial repaint, contact the experts at JMA Painters. With their highly qualified craftsmen, your business will never look better!

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