Great Reasons to Paint Your Warehouse

When it comes to property upkeep, many owners may forget to consider their warehouse’s exterior. Especially when peeling paint is involved, it is usually best to start planning your painting project – the sooner, the better. Waiting until your whole building is unrecognizable is not best practice. Instead, once you notice your warehouse may be in for a refresh, make it a priority to call your preferred commercial painter. near you JMA Painters are your trusted commercial painters in Lafayette, New Orleans, and surrounding areas. We can make your warehouse project one less thing to worry about on your list. Still not convinced? See our top reasons why you may need to hire a commercial painter to schedule a repainting job.

1. It Could Be Unsafe
When was the last time your warehouse was painted? If it was before the 1970s, chances are the paint that was used contains lead. The longer you are exposed to lead paint, the more you could be exposed to dangerous elements. Especially if you have employees in this type of building, it only makes sense to prioritize a new paint job. In general, peeling paint is a sign that something may be wrong, such as added moisture. Having a professional paint contractor investigate why you are having this issue can help protect your warehouse for the future. The right commercial paint contractor will also check for cracking caulk, machinery damage and rusting metal.

2. A Paint Refresh Could Be Motivating
If your warehouse is housing employees to work, they could be staring at the same dull paint everyday. You may not know it, but it could be affecting their mood and productivity. Especially if the interior color is stale and uninspiring, such as gray or black. Consider choosing a paint color that will inspire more calm and positive vibes. If you need some extra inspiration, read up on one of our blogs that discusses the psychology of different colors and their effects. For example, blue is known to produce calming feelings while yellow causes some to feel cheerful and bright.

Sometimes accidents may happen to your warehouse too that can mess up your paint job, such as a forklift accident. Fixing this can leave a positive impression for visitors and employees alike.

3. Feel Proud of Your Asset
One of the best feelings about being a homeowner is upkeeping your home and the pride that comes with it. When it comes to your warehouse, the same rule applies. Making sure your building is up to code and looking refreshed will make you more proud of your investment. It also sends a positive message to your employees, visitors and customers.

At the end of the day, a warehouse is more than just an additional storage space. It is just as important as your branches or customer-facing locations. Making sure you are taking care of your assets will provide both proud ownership for you, as well as help your employees feel safe and productive.

Let Us Tackle Your Project
Committing to a new paint job for your warehouse can be a little time consuming. Let us take it off your hands. At JMA Painters, we are proud to be the leading commercial painter in Lafayette, New Orleans and surrounding areas. As mentioned previously, peeling paint can be a symptom of a bigger issue and our team of experts can figure out to resolve it. We can then scrape, sand and pressure wash your warehouse, before we start painting to ensure the best job possible. There is no project too big or small for our team, and we would love to be considered to take on your project.  Let’s talk about how we can be an asset for your business


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