Important Functions of High Quality Caulking in Commercial Painting

In your commercial space, your office/building is where the action happens. It is where sales and purchases take place, where business gets done, and where customers earn your business starting with the first look. However, if your commercial building has water leaks near windows and doors, annoying pests coming in and out, and draftiness in the corners of your space, you may need a commercial painting contractor to assess the quality of the caulking in your building. But what is caulking, and why is high-quality caulking so important? Let’s review what caulking is and why your business can benefit from an upgrade of this feature. 

What is Caulking?

Similar to a sealant, caulk is a material used to seal seams, corners, and edges for various structures and spaces. This helps seal the areas around your doors, windows, and other areas where water, air, and even pests can come into your commercial space. Usually applied with a caulking gun, this material is extracted as a soft, putty-like consistency which hardens into a tight seal. Your caulking can be painted once dry to match the decor in your space for a visually seamless transition. 

Why is Caulking Important?

Caulking can be vital for your commercial space, because it can address the following issues:

  1. Keeping Water Out
  2. Keeping Pests Out
  3. Keeping Energy Costs Down
  4. Keeping Building Looking Great

If water is getting into your building, it can quickly become a HUGE problem, such as mold and structural damage. Mold can quickly become hazardous to all employees and customers that enter your building, and water can quickly compromise your walls and floors. This can occur near windows, doors, and even in your exterior walls and ceiling. These are vital to the structural integrity of your commercial space, so making sure that water stays out is key. A high-quality caulking job will seal those leaks and areas where water may get through to prevent disaster from striking and allowing water to ruin your business.

If you notice small bugs or rodents in your commercial space, don’t feel embarrassed. Small critters can get into buildings through the smallest of cracks or entrances. A high-quality caulking job can seal those entry points, such as corners, exterior walls, and even areas in your ceiling, eliminating those pests from ever getting into your building in the first place!

Caulking can also help your business cut costs by saving you monthly in utility costs. When air and/or heat escapes from your building, so does your money. Those cracks and leaks can send your AC and heating bill through the roof and put strain on those systems. A high-quality caulking job by an expert commercial painting contractor will seal those areas, allowing your air and heat to remain where it should, saving you countless dollars on your electricity and/or utility bills each month.

The look of your building can speak volumes to your customers before they even sign a  contract. Cracks in your walls, floors, and other areas can show a customer the age and condition of your building and make the wrong impression. Especially if the temperature in your area fluctuates, a high-quality caulking job can address those issues and prevent cracking and settling from being evident on your walls and floors. This caulk will move as your building settles, and stay in place when the temperature rises and falls. You can also paint over the caulking to match your decor.

Caulking may not seem like an essential part of the esthetic of your commercial space, but you can quickly experience problems without a high-quality caulking job. If you have any questions about how this service can revamp your commercial building, ask the folks that know–JMA Painters!

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