Paint Colors that Sell Your House

The housing market is booming across the country right now; if you are one of the many looking to get your house “market ready”, a fresh coat of paint on the walls is likely high up on your list. A deep clean and a fresh coat of paint can not only make a home look brand new but it can also increase the amount people are willing to pay. A study done by Zillow shows that homes with a light blue bathroom sold for an average of $5440 more than expected, the highest premium of all colors analyzed. The study also showed that homes that utilized grays and blues sold for more while wall colors of white, yellow, or red typically sold for less than expected. With that said, the colors you choose matter! 

Studies and extensive research have been done over the years to explore the theory of Artists and Interior designers that colors are used as communication tools and can drastically influence emotions. Bright colors such as yellows and reds can be energizing and make you feel alert yet cause strain on the eyes and even lead to anxiousness. Soft blues are known to create a warm, relaxing environment. This concept, now coined “Color Psychology”, has had an impact on many industries, including the housing market! So before you head out and buy paint for that accent wall, consider what kind of environment you want to create and take a look at these tips for selecting colors.

  • Throw your personal preference out the window! Obviously, not everyone has the same tastes as you so if you are painting to sell, the end user needs to be at the top of your mind. The goal is to select a pallet that will sit well with just about anyone. Ultimately, the buyer can always choose another color, so avoid anything specific to certain styles or tastes.
  • Explore colors that work well with your area. Lighter colors will highlight the use of space and make rooms look larger and brighter. Living area size is typically at the top of a buyers checklist when doing a walk through of a home so colors that create space will be a huge plus.
  • Darker colors will make your space look smaller than it is and bright colors as discussed above should be avoided. Now is not the time to implement that bright red accent wall you always wanted!
  • Our best advice is to do what the contractors do and stick with neutrals. Neutrals such as browns, tans, certain blues, and the newest trend greys. Neutral does not have to be boring; you can have a little fun and mix things up but remember to create a “Blank Canvas” so to speak. Create an environment that home viewers can picture their belongings and create their own space within their minds while walking through your home. 

Selecting the right color paint for your home can directly impact how much you are able to sell for as well as how long your home stays on the market. If you need help with your paint selection or are looking for residential painting services for the interior and/or exterior of your home to get it ready for a new family, JMA Painters is happy to help! Let us create a lasting first impression of your hoe. Contact JMA for your residential paint service needs today.

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