Are you trying to find small ways to freshen up your business? Maybe you’re bored with the exterior, but aren’t ready to have it all painted yet. One easy way to get a new look is to paint your front door! You can brighten up your entrance with a lively orange or turquoise, or you could go for a much dimmer black or plum. This is an easy way to do something new.

You’ll want to pick a color that is pleasing to the eye, but doesn’t clash with your brand or your building. If you own a business that tailors to outdoors-men, hot pink is not a good color choice! It’s a fairly simple process, and it can take about a day, depending on any damage to the door, and the color chosen. If you’re using, or covering up a dark color, multiple coats will be required.

First, we have to take the door off. This means you’ll want to schedule the project for a nice day. That way, when your business is missing a door, it won’t get too hot or cold inside the building.  After that, all hardware is removed from the door. This includes the handle, hinges, doorknobs, and peephole. Then we will clean the door. Painting a dirty surface is a sure way to ruin a paint job from the get-go. Once the door is dry, we look for damage. If there are any cracks or gaps, they will need to be filled. Then the door is primed. Primer is essential as it prevents the door from absorbing moisture from the paint and causing the color to fade faster. Once the primer is dry, the door is sanded. Any areas where paint dripped or pooled needs to be made even with the rest of the surface. We can then dust the door to remove any powder from sanding, and begin to paint! How many coats will be established when we see how dark or light the new color is against the door’s current paint. Once all of the paint coats are finished, we replace all of the hardware and remount the door!

It’s important to keep the door slightly cracked for a while before you close it all of the way. The paint may seem dry to the touch, but if the color isn’t given a chance to completely cure, your door can actually adhere to the jamb once the paint dries.

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