Traditionally, commercial bathrooms have often been neglected, as they were not viewed as places where people would spend a great deal of time. This, however, is no longer a wise approach; with people’s rising health awareness, having a clean and visually inviting, relaxing bathroom environment can make all the difference. Polls have shown that nearly 30% of Americans today actually avoid public bathrooms altogether due to fear of germs and bacteria. Using sanitary and environmentally safe products while also creating a visually relaxing space helps assure patrons of your venue that you truly care about their needs. Indeed, the state of a business’s bathroom can make or break a visitor’s overall impression of the venue.
The following points will aid you in choosing finishes and colors for your commercial bathroom that are durable, affordable, sanitary, and inviting to all who pass through:

1. Choose durable materials. Commercial bathrooms often see a lot of traffic, so choosing durable finishes is a must. Ceramic tile is a good option for flooring, as it comes in a variety of colors, offers a resilient finish, and holds up well even in high-moisture areas. If you want a smooth sleek look, rather than choosing tile, you can opt for commercial-grade waterproof epoxy paint. This paint is extremely durable and easy to maintain, while looking wonderfully slick, clean, and professional.

2. For colors, balance neutrality with vibrance. Painting the walls of your commercial bathroom with a neutral color (or using neutral-colored wall tile) makes maintaining your bathroom much simpler down the road, as cleaning neutral colors with the products that disinfect commercial bathrooms is easier. Likewise, neutral colors do not show dirt or stains as much as bright, vibrant colors do. However, too much neutral color is bland and uninviting to guests. Choose fixtures and accessories like towels in warm hues, have the counters done in a brighter shade, etc., to balance out the use of blander hues.

3. Avoid “hospital colors.” Too much stark white, dingy gray, or sterile pale blue is the fastest way to make your guests feel like they’re in an institution—probably not the feeling you want to lend to your venue! Colors have a proven effect on human mood, and can easily set the “tone” for the rest of your guest’s visit.

4. Choose colors that reflect the overall “message” of your business or venue. Because different colors express and create different feelings, you can easily use them to help enhance the overall message or image of your business or venue. If your message is one of revitalization and energy, go for earthy red and orange colors. If you want to create a soothing and relaxed environment, choose tints of blue, green, yellow, or mauve. If your business is targeting a wealthier demographic and needs to project luxury, go for heavy colors. If your venue is meant to seem quirky and creative, go for an artistic splash of contrasting colors in abstract designs or patterns.

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