Are you currently experiencing the benefits of increased traffic to your store? Summer is a great time of year for businesses. Many business owners take the opportunity that comes with extra revenue by investing in their business. Purchasing new furniture, renovating a room, or having some painting done are all common summer projects that can improve your traffic for years to come. In a lot of cases, summer is just fine for all of this. However; when it comes to exterior painting, depending on your location, you may want to hold off on it. Summertime is not the same in Montana as it is in Louisiana.

Hiring commercial painters to come in and do your interior or exterior is a huge project. It takes time to paint well, and if you aren’t careful – the elements will be against you. Many people wonder when the best season to paint is. In a lot of places, the answer to this is the summer. The reduced chances of rain, and the heat helps the paint to cure faster. What about places where humidity and rain are a constant factor in the summer (like the Gulf Coast)? The short answer is the fall. The cooler temperatures, lower humidity, and lower chances for rain make autumn a great time to paint in the south. Humidity can be a huge hindrance when exterior painting, so to save time and money, schedule your exterior paint projects when the humidity has decreased greatly. Keep a close eye on the weather, and your paint job will go off without a hitch.

Luckily, the story is not the same for interior painting. With as efficient as indoor heating/cooling systems are, it’s easy to control the indoor temperature for maximum efficiency when painting. So if indoor painting is what you want to do this summer, fire away. The rain and humidity won’t affect the indoor paint job.

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