Popular Interior Paint Colors and How They Affect Your Mood

It is finally summer – and you know what that means? Time for summer renovation projects! Before you pick up that paintbrush, you may want to do a little research into what colors are becoming popular, which ones are out, and how this can all contribute to your home life atmosphere. If you are looking to sell your home in the next ten years, picking out which colors are trending will help add value to your home. JMA Painters are passionate about paint colors and here to help with any painting services you may require. Here are our recommendations for 2021.

The Psychology of Color
Before we jump into which exact colors are trending, you may want to review which colors tend to bring out which feelings or moods. If you need a recap from Psychology class, these general colors have been studied to inspire the following emotions:
Blue – Calming
Yellow – Optimistic, cheerful, bright
Purple – Royalty, imaginative, wealth
Red – Passionate, excitement, energy
Green – Calming, balance, joyful, the color of nature
Pink – Innocent, vulnerable, romantic
Brown – Earthy, grounded
Orange – Warmth, enthusiasm
White – Clean, fresh, young

Is White Here to Stay?
It’s hard to keep up with everything these days, and it seems the moment you have learned the most popular interior design looks, it is already changing. For example, the pros say white walls are on the way out. But if you just re-designed your kitchen in this clean color, fear not! White kitchens will still be a trend to stay before making a full departure. These kitchens definitely emulate a clean emotion, and we can’t think of a room that deserves it more.

Get Ready for Blue
Although we just spoke about how nice white kitchens are, be prepared to see a plethora of blue kitchens in 2021 and beyond. In 2020, the pantone color of the year was Classic Blue. Others describe this color as Indigo Blue. This color started to explode on home design shows, and has quickly become a crowd favorite. Want to incorporate both white and blue for an extra feeling of clean warmth? Try painting cabinets white, and choose indigo blue for your island. This can add a unique accent that is sure to leave a good impression and good vibes.  

Going Green
For the longest time, it has been all about neutrals for your walls. However, if we are learning anything from 2021, it is to be prepared for boldness and the return of more colors. Right now green is a crowd pleaser, and making a comeback, especially in kitchens and living spaces. Expert designers are predicting emerald green will be the most popular shade to return to homes. With everyone having a new appreciation for nature in 2021, it makes sense that so many are turning to green to decorate inside their homes. The color will resonate with feelings of nature and boldness.

With Neutrals, Think “Warm”
If you are one to shy away from bold and loud color choices, be rest assured that neutrals are still continuing to be a popular choice these days. Taupes, rust and tan are trending for 2021 and are a sure way to add a sense of stability to your room, a common feeling in relation to brown.

If you’d like to further research colors and how to incorporate them in your hope, HGTV has a great article on trends they expect to see grow in 2021.

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