Professional Painter Advice – Best Paint Color For Your Bathroom

Selecting paint colors for your home or business can be an eventful task, particularly if there are multiple opinions involved. When narrowing in on a good paint color for your bathroom, JMA Painters, your local professional painter, has some tips to make this process a bit easier for you. Let’s dive in. 

Size & Use of The Space

The first thing to consider is the size and functionality of your space. Bathrooms are typically much smaller than the other rooms in your home and serve a very distinctive purpose. If your space is a full size bathroom, it is where you likely will get yourself ready for the day each morning. Colors not only impact your mood, but can also impact the way you view yourself in the mirror. A light blue for example or a crisp white can boost your energy levels and get you going in the morning, while deeper colors such as a navy can actually make you appear sickly without proper lighting. 

If your professional painter is painting your half bath, it is likely a much smaller room that is used less frequently, mainly by guests. Darker colors can make the space appear even smaller than it is and can make the room very dark, requiring more lighting. This brings us to consideration number two: lighting. 


Have you ever found a paint color in a store you absolutely love to discover it looks completely different on the walls of your home? Blues and grays are famous for transforming based on surrounding accessories and lighting. Proper lighting in the bathroom is an absolute must and should be considered when selecting your paint color. Natural lighting and your bathroom light fixtures will have different impacts on the colors so be sure to test out a small area in the bathroom and look at how different lighting options impact the color. If your bathroom does not have access to natural light and does not have bright overhead lighting, consider avoiding darker colors (Or investing in brighter light fixtures). Lighter colors reflect the light and do well for smaller spaces. 

Trends & Style 

The paint colors you choose should complement the style of the bathroom. If your bathroom is equipped with vanity sinks and modern faucets or a farmhouse style, choose a white or gray, or even a brown natural color to compliment the style of the room. 

If you are painting your home in preparation of selling in the near future, throw your personal preference out the window and research current trends! There are certain colors that can even justify a higher asking price – view our blog post “Paint Colors that Sell Your House” for more information. 

Your professional painter top three color combos for your bathroom in 2021 are: 

White on White 

White has always been a classic color and will likely never NOT be a combo on our list. The popular trend right now is a modern farmhouse style that includes natural wood stained floors, white walls, and farmhouse style accessorizing. White allows you to add your own flare through wall decor and furniture and makes it easy to remodel for future trends by simply re-accessorizing. 

Gray & White 

Gray walls and white trim is becoming more common is one of our personal favorites. Neutral yet bold – both dark grays and light grays depending on the space and natural lighting with white ceilings and trim to make the gray pop. 

Light Blue

Blues are a favorite for bathroom colors and as mentioned in the post linked to above, homes with blue bathrooms typically sell for higher than value. Light blues create a calming environment and work in just about any size space. 

If you are remodeling your home or commercial building and need a professional painter, JMA Painters would love to quote out your project. We have a reputation for quality work, reliable scheduling, and effortless communication. Contact JMA for your professional painter needs today.

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