The Impact of Commercial Interior Painting

If you are looking for an easy, affordable way to spruce up your work space, boost employee morale, boost productivity, or even change the perception of your brand, this post is for you. JMA Painters is your local painting company and today’s topic is the power of commercial interior painting. Interior painting is not typically at the top of every business owners to-do list, but maybe it should be! In our last post on commercial exterior painting, we discussed the protective properties of paint, how it can influence perception of your business in both curb appeal and employee morale, and influence customer behavior. If these elements hold true for the exterior of your business, why wouldn’t they hold true on the interior of your business? Exterior draws people in, interior directs behavior once they are there. Let’s dive into some of the benefits of a quality interior paint job from your local painting company. 

How can an interior paint job impact your commercial business? 

Boost Employee Morale & Productivity

Your employees spend a significant amount of time in the office and the atmosphere created directly impacts their workflow and productivity. Just as office space setup and team leadership can impact the atmosphere in a workspace, so can the colors in the room! Did you know that certain colors can increase concentration, spark creativity and increase efficiency? A simple paint job can drastically alter the emotions in the room leading employees to be more productive and enjoy doing so; what business owner doesn’t want that? Plus, employees that are happy with their work environment are 18% more likely to stay.

Improve Retail Interaction

The exterior of your business may be what draws customers in, but the interior of your business dictates how long they stay and influences their perception of your brand, which overflows into how they view their customer service experience. Just as the atmosphere contributes to employee behavior, it also contributes to customer behavior. A fresh coat of paint from your local painting company can influence buying behavior. 

Protects From Wear & Tear

All surfaces develop imperfections over time due to everyday wear and tear. A fresh coat of paint covers up a lot of the visible imperfections and can uncover potential problems. Your local painting company will bring any areas of concern to the forefront throughout the prepping process (mold for example). Paint stands as a barrier to your walls, protecting them. It also protects your walls from absorbing moisture in the environment that can lead to future complications. 

Brand Identity

Paint is a powerful vehicle for marketing strategies. Your brand has very visual elements and the right paint can communicate the messaging you want to convey to both employees and customers. Including logos, quotes, certain color combinations or imagery into your interior paint job can reinforce your brand throughout your facility. 

When is it time to repaint?

How long in between interior repaints will depend upon many factors including but not limited to: your industry, the type of paint used, and where your business is located. JMA recommends a repaint every few years to keep things fresh and up to date. If you start to notice any paint peeling, chipping or fading, it is time to contact your commercial painting company. If you notice any mold or mildew, paint can provide an added protective layer to prevent spreading (NOTE: You should always take care of the mold before repainting). If your business undergoes a branding change, your business should consider a repaint to coincide with that change. 

While the idea of painting the interior of your business can seem inconvenient, a fresh coat of paint can add value for you, your employees, and your customers. JMA Painters will minimize the impact on the work environment by working quickly, efficiently and professionally. If you are ready to boost your productivity, sales, and overall brand perception, contact JMA Painters for your free quote today.

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